Vitamin C Can Treat Alzheimer's.

Vitamin C Can Treat

SWEDEN - Researchers in Sweden
stated that vitamin C is very
play a role in dissolving plaque
amyloid in the brain
people suffering from Alzheimer 's .
Amyloid plaques develop in
neurons , where the plaque starts
disrupt the network of impulses
various parts of the brain . This can
cause various effects , such as
inability to recall
something , inability to
focus , or show impaired
cognitive impairment in the brain .
Ascorbic acid contained
in vitamin C is essentially
can be used to combat
amyloid plaques and collect
toxic proteins that evolved
in the brain . The fact that vitamin C
have the ability to
influence the development of plaque
is a new discovery, the team
Lund has been publishing
in the Journal of Biological Chemistry
in the newest edition .
What makes this structure
very dangerous is the fact
that plaques can be
kills neurons one by one.
Furthermore , it could eliminate
recollection of memories
has long been created in the brain .
" When we do a test for
examined the effect of vitamin C on
rats suffering from brain tissue
Alzheimer 's disease, we see
that the collection of toxic proteins
that exist in the brains of mice could
dissolved, "explains Katrin Mani, one
a team of scientists from Lund
University .
" These results suggest a new model
about how vitamin C can
affect the amyloid plaques that
previously unknown, "adds
research team , was quoted as saying
Softpedia Monday ( 29 / 8 / 2011 ).
The research team confirmed if there
Other findings are more interesting,
Vitamin C is not only
contained in fresh fruit
, but also present in
juice stored in the refrigerator
during the night . Womb
vitamin C in the juice is actually
larger than the existing
in fresh fruit.
Natural resources of the most
contain lots of vitamin C
among other fruits and
vegetables such as guava, broccoli,
lemons , oranges and Brussels
In addition, vitamin C also contained
in beef and beef liver
The main role of vitamin C in
the human body is as anti-
oxidants , but this vitamin can also be
affects most of
other chemical processes that exist in
in the human body . With
Thus , it is very important to
vitamin C in
the right amount.
" The idea of ​​vitamin c
have a positive effect on disease
Alzheimer 's is still
controversial , but our results
can point out opportunities
new to Alzheimer 's research and
possibilities offered by
vitamin c, "lid Mani .

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