Chip to monitor Tumor aggressiveness

Chip to monitor
Tumor aggressiveness
Munich - An operation
planting a chip on the body
human possibilities can
used to monitor
tumor growth in a
difficult to reach by the physician.
The engineers health
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
( TUM) has developed
an electronic sensor chip
can determine the content
liquid oxygen in the existing network
in the patient 's body . Because
decrease in oxygen content
in the tissue surrounding the tumor
can show growth
rapid and aggressive tumor.
A research team led
by Prof. Bernhard Wolf of the TUM
Heinz Nixdorf Chair of Medical
Electronics now has
develop a chip
sensors that can be implanted near
with tumors . The sensor chip
can measure the concentration of
dissolved in the tissue.
The results of this monitoring sensor
wirelessly transmits
information hello to the doctor . Then
giunakan physician for this
monitor tumor progression
and regulate the operation or
appropriate for the patient , such as
chemotherapy . It is quoted
Medical Xpress, Monday (29 / 8 /
2011 ).
This sensor chip has passed the test
laboratory . The main challenge for
researchers are
develop a sensor
which can function independently
for long periods of time.
In fact , the sensor must be kept
functioning and results
accurate as long as there is in
the human body.
" We designed the sensor chip for
concentrated with oxygen
Dissolved set at
interval measurements , " explains Sven
Becker , engineers and project
This sensor chip.
Becker also revealed that
This electronic sensor chips must
made smaller before eventually
implanted in the patient ' s body
cancer . In addition , the
Scientists still want to design
This chip with complementary sensors
addition to measuring the level of
acidity and temperature of the tumor.
Scientists are also trying
makes the chip as a drug
pump that functions like
treatment of chemotherapy
used to kill tumors .
Becker hopes to find
new technologies by making
cancer therapies are more focused
could reduce tumor aggressiveness
for patients .

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