Colts Manning's consecutive games streak is in jeopardy

Colts Manning's consecutive games streak is in jeopardy
Radio reporter Jon Michael Vincent 1070 in Indianapolis, ESPN reported Sunday night that Manning needed another neck surgery and is out indefinitely. This made my call to Polian, who said he knew nothing about it.

This is what I know this morning: Manning, as you can imagine, has been working like crazy to get the neck and right arm back to 100 percent. 15 weeks ago underwent surgery today to repair a herniated disc in his neck, which had been causing pain in his pitching arm. When this type of surgery is performed, a portion of the disc is removed. That decreases pressure on the nerve. But the nerve needs time to heal.

A neurosurgeon in Pennsylvania, told 's Will Carroll in August that such healing can take up to two months. It is clear that the schedule has been exceeded. Why? We do not know. When I was in camp three weeks ago the Colts, Polian and his son, general manager Chris Polian, both told me I had to just let nature take its course - and then went out and signed Collins for sure because I did not know Manning would be back when.

Manning has been able to shoot, I'm told, but not with the same zip code or the time he usually does at this time of year. That's normal, certainly for a guy back from a serious neck procedure. It is not good enough to think he can play in six days.

But I'm told that on Saturday when the Colts made his rehabilitation work for normal, her back hurt. And the pain was more acute on Sunday. It seemed natural for Manning and the Colts to call experts who had been consulting as appropriate, for further discussion, which seems likely to happen today or Tuesday. Polian did not want to talk about the case, but this seems certain: The report of the radio may be premature, but there is definitely cause for concern in the short term recovery of Manning as the game can.

My opinion? Manning has been rehabilitating in excess, which may have caused the outbreak in the back. There can be, that's just my guess. And no, it is a condition of spinal stenosis, as it ended the career of his brother Cooper is football. Peyton has been tested and cleared earlier in the year combined. Maybe you need to have a herniated disc shaved down a little. I just do not know. But what is happening, Manning can not throw the way you have to throw to win a game in the NFL right now. You can not make definitive predictions about the recovery of the nerve in the same way as, for example, a broken leg.

This figure has to be frustrating Manning. He had the procedure on May 23 and was unable to meet with staff for blocking Colts. With his rehabilitation from surgery did not start 'til end of July, and appears to be the difference in the speed with which he has been able to recover.
Colts Manning's consecutive games streak is in jeopardy

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