Prepare Airport Technology Lie detector

Prepare Airport Technology
Lie detector
airports in
London , England , will conduct the test
try a detection system
lies . The system was used to
know whether or not
description of someone who will
entering a country.
The technology developed by
professor of visual computing
University of Bradford , this Ugail
used during the interview process
and passport checks. one of
important element of the system mililk
is that people who
under the supervision
know that they' re
monitored .
Lie -detector system is
built through the observation that
when people lie, the brain activity
they increase as they
prepare a story written by,
quoted by
from News , Tuesday (6 / 9 / 2011) .
As a result of this extra activity is also
an expression
faces will change and this
can be measured via a video camera
associated with the computer.
Spike in brain activity will also
lead to changes in flow
blood around the face.
Although it could increase
security, but the system
it is feared will
raises issues of privacy and
abuse , such as for
spying on the meeting schedule
important to the trivial
as used for spying
pairs .
The resulting success rate
by the system itself is 60 -70%.
Ugail said , he would be
increase its success as
the system is repaired.
Prepare Airport Technology
Lie detector

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