CUP: Atlanta track has a very wet

CUP: Atlanta track has a very wet
There has been snow in Bristol. It was 20 degrees on race days - the wind blowing fiercely - to Richmond. And it rained so often on weekends race in Rockingham North Carolina Motor Speedway in the track, not in the Sprint Cup schedule, which is known as Rainingham.

However, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, located south of the city of Hampton, could hold the NASCAR record for the miserable luck with the weather.

The latest blow came on Sunday as Tropical Storm Lee, who flirted with the race track area before dumping enough rain to postpone Sunday's 500 AdvoCare. The expected saturation of the storm track in NASCAR Monday Sunday night led officials to postpone the rain Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately for the track officials, is a scenario with which they are all too familiar. And, ironically, the Atlanta fall race - now his only Sprint Cup race - recently moved to the weekends before Labor Day to avoid bad weather that has plagued the event in the past. The move to the weekend also gave the track the holiday on Monday as rain date, but that benefit was apparently inundated with water this year.

The track is the worst weekend the weather was, interestingly, a week before the arrival of spring in March 1993. That was the reason for the storm called the century, a brutal storm that plowed into the south-east and left much of the Deep South paralyzed. High Banks became the circuit drifts and wind swept the snow on the cars in the open garage.

In view of that memorable day in the snow miserable driver and team owner, Alan Kulwicki, still working on his race car, with his helmet to protect against the elements. It was that kind of work ethic he had won the Cup championship last season.

Race this weekend, the Motorcraft 500, finally took place six days later - after thawing. Morgan Shepherd won. Other winners were the vendors who had shirts with lyrics to "I Survived the Blizzard of Atlanta 1993."

The track opened in 1960 (as Atlanta International Raceway), and the weather soon followed. Rain hit the track racing for much of its first decade, and the problems contributed to the early financial problems and eventual bankruptcy Speedway.

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