Yahoo CEO Fired

CALIFORNIA - The Carol of work
Bartz as the Yahoo CEO end
on Tuesday (6 / 9 ) yesterday,
because he was declared no longer a
of the giant Internet company
them .
As quoted by Mashable,
Wednesday (7 / 9 / 2011) , Bartz also
send an email to all
Yahoo employees via the iPad,
tells us that
his resignation was not
voluntary action, but was fired
by the head of Yahoo's directors .
News dismissal was first Bartz
reported by the All Things Digital,
who also reported that Chief
Financial Officer ( CFO) Tim Morse,
referred to as the new CEO of Yahoo.
Bartz into Yahoo in
January 2009, to reverse
state after Yahoo rejected
purchase offer from Microsoft
amounting to USD44 , 6 billion. since
Bartz worked hard to
reinforce the position of Yahoo,
including closing some division
businesses such as Yahoo Zimbra ,
Geocities and Delicious .
Then on Tuesday night , the
Yahoo officials had received
official announcement of
their companies on
Bartz pullback .

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