Global losses of USD114 Billion Cyber ​​Crime

Global losses of USD114 Billion Cyber ​​Crime
JAKARTA - Norton revealed that global losses from cyber crime were estimated at USD114 billion per year.

Besides cyber crime who feel lost time due to cyber crime attacks reached USD274 billion. While a combination of loss of time and money of 431 million people worldwide in the past year making a loss USD388 billion per year.

According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2011, more than two-thirds of adults do the activities online and 69 percent said they had been victims of cyber crime in their lives. Every second there are 14 adult victims of cyber crime.

For the first time Norton Cybercrime Report reveals 10 percent of adults using cell phones to access the Internet and 42 percent reported a lot of vulnerabilities that occur through mobile phones in 2010 compared to 2009.

The study menginditifikasikan that men millennial or the age range was 18 to 32 years more frequently access the Internet from mobile phones and PCs, this is potentially a victim of cyber crime.

"As many as one million people become victims of cyber crimes per day. Men older use the Internet like to play online games, watch videos and dating via the internet, therefore womanly man is a potential victim of cyber crime. Three-quarters of the study population aware of any malware yet do not take any steps. Actually cyber crime can be addressed and prevented, "said Effendy Ibrahim, Director for Consumer Business in Asia, Symnatec at the Hotel Intercontinental, Jakarta, Thursday (09/22/2011).

Ibrahim added that despite the disregard of the dangers of malware, but many also now a very aggressive approach to fighting malware. As many as 89 percent of the 24 countries that conducted the study involving 20 thousand people have expressed the need to fight the malware that exists.

For that Norton went Everywhere initiative called Norton to protect their consumers wherever they are. Norton's current number of subscribers reached 210 million users and as many as 6.3 million malware has blocked Norton per month.

"To prevent that we remove Norton Antivirus and Security 2012 that will better maintain computer security from cyber crime attacks with features that are very superior. Besides, we also will introduce the membership subscription of Norton One that provides personalized service to protect consumers all devices that had started the PC, Mac and even mobile devices, "he concluded.
Global losses of USD114 Billion Cyber ​​Crime

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