VMware vFabric Help Control Spread Database

VMware vFabric Help Control Spread Database
VMware launched a series of solutions to deliver the provision and operation of the database as a service (database as a service) for enterprise-class companies.

Director Data Solutions vFabric VMware launched in VMworld 2011 is the manifestation of VMware's cloud application platform strategy. Data Director vFabric function is to control and manage a series of heterogeneous databases automatically, based on the policies already set by IT.

"Enterprise-class companies are increasingly facing serious challenges in managing data growth needed to create modern applications, while supporting critical application development initiatives," said Tod Nielsen, Co-President, Application Platform VMware, as reported through official statement on Friday (23 / 9 / 2011).

Applications in the cloud computing era is completely different than the applications made for architectural client-server or the Internet. Modern applications are now made using the model of high productivity development framework, which is channeled through a dynamic and virtualized infrastructure via Cloud.

To meet the changing needs of such applications, VMware made some investments to build a cloud application platform is complete. Cloud application platform that includes a framework for development, data services and applications, as well as cloud computing-based delivery model that is platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Director of Data Solutions vFabric This brings the benefits of virtual infrastructure to the database layer, reduce operational costs by automating provisioning, backup, restore, cloning and surveillance databases.

VMware also has been optimized specifically for Postgres vFabric vSphere environment. Memory vFabric Postgres database on flexible to adapt to changing workloads in order to reach efficiency and memory consolidation ratios greater
VMware vFabric Help Control Spread Database

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