oscar de la hoya become addicted

oscar de la hoya
become addicted
LAS VEGAS - Former boxer
Oscar De La Hoya -known new -
recently made a statement
surprising in a
interview with one of
Univision television station about
to alcohol dependence
and cocaine.
An American man
but have Mexican blood is
admitted nearly two and a half
years he was trapped in a world
narcotics and liquor.
However , now, he stated
been clean and not an addict
again .
" There are drugs, but drug of choice
I was a cocaine and alcohol .
Lastly , I use two
half years ago. I am more
dependence on alcohol
than cocaine, "said De La
Hoya as reported Boxingnews 24,
Wednesday (31 / 8 / 2011 ).
" I now have clean and it
for my own good even though I
has retired and no longer
fight , " he said.
Recognition of promoter Golden Boy
Other Promotions
striking is while still
the influence of cocaine and alcohol
at that time. De La Hoya thought
for suicide .
" Somehow, I' m tempted, I think
about it (suicide ), "
he said.
De La Hoya is not lucky
doing it, because when
he has become a
promoters are respected and
racing career as a boxer -
boxer subordinate enough
good .

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