Tablet Windows 8

Tablet Windows 8
CALIFORNIA - An analyst , JP
Morgan was sure if the iPad will remain
exist , although various tablets
Windows 8 slide at the end of the year
2012 .
" Apple will continue to dominate and
become a leader in the market
tablets of the world, " said Mark Moskowitz ,
a spokeswoman for Apple.
" No other tablets
offers the highest volume of
the sale of tablets in the market
besides international iPad, "said
some other analysis in
notes investors with
AppleInsider .
" We are still awaiting the emergence of
tablets player number two, although
This may not occur until
the launch of Windows 8 in
2012 , "said the analyst, such as
TG Daily quoted on Friday (9 / 9 / 2011) .
Moskowitz predict if the tablets
Amazon could be a device
interesting that will strengthen
Article tablets in addition to Apple, see
that the giant online shopping site
it already has big names
and distribution capabilities that
good .
In many cases , Moskowitz
added if the entire tablet
other than being forced to compete strictly iPad
to occupy second place and
ready to compete with products
tablet from Apple, then
such competition will lead to
decline in the price of
12 .1 percent in 2011 and
Additional discounts 7, 2
percent in the tablets will occur in
2012 .
Popularity attached to the iPad,
make Moskowitz increase
estimates for the number of deliveries
tablets in 2011 could
reached 51, 9 million units .

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