Justin Timberlake Never serious music

Justin Timberlake Never
serious music
LOS ANGELES - Apparently , Justin
Timberlake had never undergone
music career seriously .
" I never
consider to be
musicians . For me , it' s like bread and
butter only. It 's just like the road
living alone. I also do not
regard this as a job
me . Make this my only hobby, "
Justin said that was launched
Digitalspy Friday ( 9 / 9 / 2011 ).
Friend With Benefits actor 's films
also said, not too serious
running career as a musician .
He preferred to be known as
an entertainer .
" I never cared seriously
or not as a musician. I
plays pop music, but I
not save the world, "
he continued .
" It makes one forget
their concerns . So I
I just always saw myself
as an entertainer . myself
have never thought about
seriously . So can I ask people
Another serious too , "he added .
The singer's Cry Me River
revealed that he
is likely to make
other current recordings . However , it
going to do when you're
not busy with an acting career .

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