Adobe Introduces Cloud-Based Applications

Adobe Introduces Cloud-Based Applications
CALIFORNIA - Adobe in the coming months will change the way creative professionals work with the newest Adobe applications and Adobe's Adobe Creative Cloud Touch App for Tablets.

Adobe integration of this cloud-based applications with Creative Cloud will be useful for making all files to work with these cloud applications. Adobe itself offers storage up to 20GB of data in the cloud, allowing you to transfer your graphic work directly with other devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud plans to develop a low-cost service that allows access to all Adobe products. So, not only Touch apps, but can also access other Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Indesign.

The most interesting application from Adobe is Adobe Photo Touch. From these applications users can get the image directly, such as from Google Image Search by color and copyrights, as well as from Facebook. So the image can be directly edited in accordance with the functional photoshop, such as cropping images, and apply text effects.

Reported by PC News, Wednesday (10/05/2011), Adobe Creative Cloud will be available in early 2012 for Ipod Touch and Adobe applications for Android in November with prices USD9, 99.

So far from the Adobe has been no news about the price of Adobe Creative Cloud, but they promised that the price of Creative Cloud will not be costly, information about the price of Adobe Creative Cloud is reportedly to be announced in November
Adobe Introduces Cloud-Based Applications

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