American Muscle Car Future

American Muscle Car Future
LOS ANGELES - Continue development of
technology in
the automotive world capable of producing the
future vehicles that includes a feature
sophisticated and futuristic design . one of them
SCR is the Vision that has been developed
for nearly ten years .
The car is staying as the generation
{ successor} The American Muscle Car
is the work of John Misumi . all this time
American Muscle Car {style } girded by car
typical of uncle Sam like the Mustang or
Camaro . This prototype has a price range of USD 2
million , equivalent to Rp18 , 5 billion .
This sports car has a very strong aura . case
is indicated by a sharp indentation
describe the dynamic aerodynamics .
Using aluminum chassis and body
wrapped in carbon fiber , estimated weight SCR
between a . 111 and a . 304 kg.
Vision SCR claimed to have a power of 630 hp
sourced from the engine 6 . 2 liters V 8 .
While other machines such as 6- liter V 12 . 0
could blow away the power of 700 hp .
Both engines will be coupled with
six -speed manual transmission or automatic
double clutch with electronic controls .
American Muscle Car Future

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