Apple releases 5.0.1 update IOS

Apple releases update IOS 5.0.1
CALIFORNIA - iPhone owners who are experiencing battery problems now may be relieved in connection with Apple's announcement that the IOS version 5.0.1 beta has been available to developers.

Gadget makers bearing the fruit has also been confirmed behwa they will soon release fixes for the iPhone 4S battery problems that plague users.

They take a long time to recognize this problem. Just as the discovery of interference with the antenna that has ever been found by use of the iPhone 4 and not discussed at the launch of the handset. Thus was launched by the Inquirer, Thursday (11/10/2011).

IOS update is supposed to fix the problem long battery life, although it is unclear how.

It seems this update will also fix several bugs in the document cloud and add features voice recognition for the territory of Australia, also features multitasking gestures for the iPad, including an increase in security systems.

Although no definite release date, it appears that IOS 5.0.1 will be released later this month.
Apple releases update IOS 5.0.1

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