Zenbook, Ultrabook Thin

Zenbook, Ultrabook Thin
JAKARTA - Asus presents the latest ultrabook, to show its seriousness in the Indonesian market. Ultrabook comes with two types Zenbook Zenbook UX31 and UX21.

"Ultrabook comes with a balance of beauty and performance, in terms of design, performance, environmental friendliness and audio," said Asus Business development manager, Juliana Chen, in Grand Indonesia, Thursday (10/11/2011).

Ultrabook display is also very charming. Outer layer of silver panels with a circular pattern to make a more attractive appearance. Asus claimed that, ultrabook this is the thinnest with a thickness of only 0.11 inches at the front and 0.35 inches at the rear.

Zenbook panel comes with a brightness level of 450cd/m2 equivalent to LCD TVs, thus making the dark areas become lighter. In addition ultrabook comes with two different screen options ie 13.3 and 11.6 HD + HD.

The new device is designed to provide comfort komputansi melaluui responsive smartphone features such as instant-on. The presence of this feature could make the device enter into the system in just 2 seconds and capable of up to 2 weeks standby.

Although its size is very thin but the device is equipped with technology that supports. Zenbook is the first notebook to apply the SATA Revision 3.0 SSD technology, the speed and endurance 6Gb/detik stronger shocks.

This notebook is powered by an Intel's second generation of Intel core i5 and i5-2557M-2467M, Windows 7 operating system, as well as Bluetooth V4.0 and USB 3.0 which makes data transfer faster. Asus also equips Zenbook with Charger + USB technology, using a USB 3.0 to recharge portable devices.

As an environmentally friendly device, Zenbook provide comfort with power consumption as our little one superiority. With Super Hybird Engine II technology, which can extend battery life so it has a durability of up to 25 percent more than other ultrabook.

"The tablet is targeted for professionals, who want a device superior in every way," said Product Manager System BG Asus, Melton Ciputra.

In addition Zenbook also comes with an amazing audio, namely Asus SonicMaster technology with audio from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. SonicMaster provides a wide spectrum of surround sound that can fill the room with sound, such as the soft strains of jazz.

Zenbook is already available on the market from today, with two different pricing options. To display priced at $ 1 Zenbook UX31, UX21 Zenbook 199 and a bit cheaper is USD1, 099.
Zenbook, Ultrabook Thin

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