Latitude ST, Dell Tablet

JAKARTA - bring Dell Latitude ST, a tablet PC that is made for professionals who have high mobility and IT professionals.

Latitude ST provides the productivity of Windows 7 are comfortable, lightweight tablet and has all the attributes that have been known to exceptional IT departments and have confidence in our Latitude brand, including security, management, service and support.
"We live in interesting times, in which mobile computing continues to make significant evolution. Most companies use the benefits of productivity by enabling workers to have more mobility, "said Pieter Lydian, Director & Country Manager, Dell Indonesia., Told through official statement on Tuesday (29/11/2011).

Latitude ST can be tailored to specific business or the needs of end users with applications certified and professional services.

Tablet PC also provides productivity go-anywhere, anytime, anywhere access to data on get via Wi-Fi and broadband opsimobile and a multi-touch monitors measuring 10 inches with a stylus for easy use.

Latitude ST features are also attractive for IT administrators. They can seamlessly manage the tablet PC like any other on their network by using remote managementyang solutions exist or Dell Kace appliances and protection of critical data by using the Dell Data Protection.

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