Malware Disguised As a Gift from iTunes

CALIFORNIA - Hackers seem to have many ways to infect computers with malware, now they profiteer name iTunes to trick computer users.

Security blog, The German Eleven said the attack coincided with the start of the U.S. holiday shopping season, which is called Black Friday.

Reported by the Telegraph on Monday (28.11.11), security experts say an email purporting to be from the iTunes store and contains a compressed ZIP file that allows hackers to gain access to a computer.

Email is offering credits for music, games and videos on iTunes. Email it seems to also offer the recipient $ 50 and claim they need the attached file to be opened to access the certificate code.

Attachment file is named Mal / BVredoZp-B. This could open up security holes in Windows PC and allows hackers to remotely obtain passwords and other information. It also can slow down your computer and hide some files.

Although malware can be removed using anti-malware tools, but damage can occur temporarily.

The attack came at a time when cyber threats in a number of emerging fields, such as other vendors who claim to see an increase in attacks aimed at mobile phones based on Android.

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