Oracle Solaris 11, OS Specific Enterprise

Oracle Solaris 11, OS Specific Enterprise
JAKARTA - Some time ago, Oracle did teleconfrence to the crew of media to introduce the Oracle Solaris 11. This is an operating system (OS) which is devoted to the enterprise or entrepreneur.

Oracle Solaris 11 OS is also designed to answer any customer's biggest challenge in managing a modern data center infrastructure, while optimizing performance and urging the need for skalabiltas and implementation of cloud-based infrastructure that quickly and safely.

This is the first OS and the only one who fully virtualized, providing security, flexibility and a built-in virtualization services that enable customers to maximize the system, network and data sources that exist in their data center without the cost of virtualization.

Built-in data service is what can create the environment without limits in terms of storage, processing and data protection. Infrastructure regulation and maintenance of new software designed to deliberately cloud (cloud computing) and devoted to the enterprise, making it possible to deploy a new data center that includes thousands of machines quickly.

Security system ditawakan Oracle Solaris 11 is end-to-end where it can protect data assets, strengthening the OS startup and access the system with default security fiur.

In terms of performance and maximum scalability are more capable of supporting all types of hardware in the future that includes tens of thousands of threads, hundreds of terabytes of system memory and hundreds of gigabit I / O per second.

Solaris 11 also has increased the capabilities of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and Java-based applications in terms of performance, availability, security and ease of management. This is done through engineering improvements at optimlisasi shared memory management, improved I / O, integrated resource management and crypto off-load.

"Solaris 11 can be integrated with all hardware and third party that much better. This will obviously reduce the cost that is cheaper than the previous versions or other products," said Markus Flierl, vice president of software development, Oracle Corp., through telekonfrence, Wednesday (11/09/2011).

Flierl add Solaris 11 OS is an enterprise that has the best safety and performance in its class on SPARC and x86 systems.
Oracle Solaris 11, OS Specific Enterprise

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