IOS 5 Natural Connection Problems

IOS 5 Natural Connection Problems
CALIFORNIA - After hampered a battery problem, now Apple lovers start complaining about the problems that iPhone connectivity upgrade to IOS 5.

Since iPhone users upgrade to IOS 5, start up problems in connection with a Bluetooth-based devices. The main issue is the Bluetooth icon at the top of the iPhone screen to disappear, even when Bluetooth is turned on. In addition there are also reports stating some iPhone refused to identify other Bluetooth peralalatan nearby.

This refusal resulted in users not able to detect and connect her iPhone with other Bluetooth-based devices. Launched by The Next Web, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

There is actually a simple solution to this problem. When having problems connecting as mentioned above, users simply go to General Options in the Bluetooth Settings and then select the option "off" and re-lit it with the option "on".

Do it that way and the iPhone will again be able to recognize other Bluetooth devices. The next problem is because the procedure must be performed every time you want to connect your iPhone with other equipment, how many times someone keeps repeating that process?

When the iPhone is the one that infected this problem, it could still be patient waiting for the next update from Apple.
IOS 5 Natural Connection Problems

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