Siri Temperature Control House

CALIFORNIA - If you are a developer with enough knowledge and OpeanSSL certified solid, it can now make your own by using the Siri uses a proxy server. But if not, you can admire the ingenuity of others who could do it.

Since Applidium hacked Siri security protocols and found the format used to communicate with the iPhone 4S, Developers and iPhone hackers @ plamoni been working on a way, to facilitate working with Siri configure other connected devices.

Reported by The Next Web, Tuesday (22/11/2011), to activate it, has created sebuat proxy server that allows you to set Siri, with new functionality that is not in the official feature list.

He has taught Siri new commands to demonstrate the capabilities of the proxy server, which allows it to interact with a standard thermostat with a built-in Wi-Fi. It also can relay room temperature and set the heater at certain temperatures.

@ Plamoni said, while this implementation requires advanced understanding of key technologies, such as certificates and OpenSSL.

Siri seems to have inflamed passions among third party developers, who foresee the various uses of virtual assistants that can only be provided by Apple as official providers to extend the functionality. Now less than two months since the launch of beta version of Siri, there is someone who ruled her iPhone to regulate the temperature of his house.

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