Figures creator Robin & Joker in Batman Comics Deceased

NEW YORK - Robin comic who created the characters and the Joker in the Batman comics legendari, Jerry Robinson, died. He died at the age of 89 years, at his home, New York, United States.

Batman comic lovers would be familiar with partner Robin the Boy Wonder is renowned as Batman's partner, and between these bitter enemies Kelalawar Man, Joker is the best known enemy. But probably only a handful of people who know Jerry Robinson, as its creator.

According to Robinson's colleague, Charles Kochman, Robinson is different from other artists, he works for every type of genre comics, ranging from political cartoons to illustrate the theater.

"Jerry brings a touch of realism to comics with a sense of humor," said Kochman, as reported by Yahoo News, Saturday (12/10/2011).

Robinson died in his sleep Wednesday at a home in New York where he lived. He was invited to work together by Bob Kane, creator of Batman, when he was 17 years. The two met by accident at a resort in the Catskill Mountains, where Robinson was doing a summer job selling ice cream. Kane watched Robinson because he was wearing a white jacket adorned with his own illustrations.

Joker himself once said Robinson was inspired when he saw the Joker card in the playing cards.

"He saw the value of comics as art. Dedication to art, so high," said Kochman.

"Jerry Robinson is illustrated in some of the defining images of the largest pop culture icon," said Jim Lee, from DC Comics, publishers who publish Batman and Superman.

"It is impossible to work in DC Entertaiment without feeling the impact of Jerry Robinson's contribution to the industry. His influence continues to resonate today," said Bob Harass, DC Comics' Editor-in-Chief.

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