Robot for Natural Disasters

Robot for Natural Disasters
JAKARTA - Jakarta had the opportunity to host the International Robot Olympiad (IRO) 2011 to 13, with the theme of Robot for Helping People from Natutal Disaster. The event was inaugurated by the sound of a gong is sounded by the Bagong robots, Robotics UNPAR work.

"This theme was chosen based on consideration of Indonesia who is above the ring of fire. For this concept, we define first will make the robot what to disaster. After that, point them to be more specific or conical, whether the goal for the prevention of disasters or for post-disaster," Santoso said Gondowidjodjo, General Chairman for the International Robot Olympiad 2011, when met on the sidelines of the event, Thursday (15/12/2011).

He also said the theme of race competition categories are applied to the creative, which will be held on Friday (12/16/2011). In this race category, the concept plays an important role for the process of assessment. He also expects the competition will provide a positive output, especially for Indonesia which has a variety of potential natural disasters, as well as for other nations.

"Output is usually in the form of prototype race to be further developed. Whether in terms of knowledge, economics, business and more. For the development of it, then we will need investors," said Santoso.

Indonesia, he said, has the potential to win the race in a few numbers. Given that, at a similar event 2008 ago, Indonesia managed to bring home a silver medal, and then bringing home a bronze medal in 2009, and 2010 and then managed to bring home the gold medal in the category of Junior Creative Robot, in Australia

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