Canon PowerShot S100 Camera Have GPS capability

TOKYO - Canon has released a pocket camera made by the newest, PowerShot S100. camera it has a full-featured and has a GPS capabilities.

As reported Reghardware, Friday (3/16/2012), this pocket camera PowerShot S100 a continuation or development of of the series Powershot S95. Powershot camera S100 is not only equipped with GPS, but has a number of improvements more significant than the camera family before.

These enhancements include the addition of specifications of the lens, the faster performance Canon Digic processor 5 and also a 12.1 Megapixel resolution.

In addition, it has a pocket camera the ability of a 5x optical zoom mode with 24mm wide angle lens, showing features auto focus and Auto Exposure (AE) lock to keep the light on the composition capture images. In addition the camera priced at approximately Rp 5, 2 million can also be video recording Full High Definition (HD) 1080p with stereo sound.

It also has a pocket camera lens aperture f/2.0, perfect for shooting in place in low light or nighttime and the magnitude of the ISO can be set up 6400.

Not only that, the features of the Global Positioning System (GPS) are buried in this pocket camera logger function that can store information internally without having to connected directly, as well as image features tagging to mark territory or location and provide information about the region them. Canon PowerShot S100 Camera Have GPS capability