Western Digital Hitachi Complete Acquisition

Western Digital Hitachi Complete Acquisition effective from 8 March 2012, Western digital (WD) master almost all ownership of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies with the value reaching USD 3.9 billion.

Viviti Technologies Ltd (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) now has only 10% of the shares, though they have the right to place two representation in the board of directors of WD.

The new WD will operate with the WD Technologies (WD) and HGST as a child wholly-owned company. reportedly revenues of both companies reaches USD 15 billion in 2011.

As chief executive officer of WD, John Coyne, lead the new office with CEO Steve Milligan as president, Tim Leyden as chief operating officer and Wolfgang Nickl as chief financial officer.

"By having two successful companies and the best talents in the industry, we hope can achieve great things as we build The new WD, "said John Coyne, CEO of WD information received in detikINET, Sunday (03/11/2012).

According to IDC data disk requests will continues to increase 8.6% per year from 2011 to 2016, it is certainly consistent with the objectives WD Hitachi acquired.

"With an expanding consumer base significant and growing resources, The new WD was in a strong position to seize the opportunity to grow, "added Coyne. Western Digital Hitachi Complete Acquisition