Htc One X Vs Iphone 4s

Singapore, a reliable camera quality HTC X One is believed to have carried the ability to beat other smartphones, including Apple's iPhone 4s.

Handset vendor HTC smartphone finally landed a series that had received a positive response at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona, Spain, in February.

Within days, HTC One of this series will soon be visited Asia, including Indonesia. Thus revealed Lennard Hoornik, President of HTC South Asia, while introducing two new models of phones with the Android OS is, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Hoornik explained, the two models of phones are released by vendors from Taiwan is HTC and HTC One X One V.

HTC Series One X illustrated like 'monster' because of the awesomeness of the camera and sound offered. Measuring 8 MP camera quality is also believed to be HTC could beat other smartphones, including Apple's iPhone 4S.

"With the Image Sense, is to favor speed cameras which can capture images in 0.7 seconds. It's even faster than the blink of an eye," said Hoornik.

When the One X equipped with quad-core, then the series below, One V, only use single-core. The design is more compact and he was equipped with a 5 MP. Both phones are said to be visited the market from 2 April 2012. Htc One X Vs Iphone 4s