MINI Coupe Yachtsman, Suitable Used As Flood

MUNICH - MINI automaker broke new ground by presenting a MINI Cooper Yachtsman who plans to fill the MINI showroom in the event the New York International Auto Show which will take place next week.

Reported by Worldcarfans, MINI Yachtsman created as amphibious vehicle that can bypass the flooded streets. To note, this car has been coated with anti-corrosion material as a standard feature. This car is intended for consumers who live in areas that are often flooded.

British small car display is also somewhat unique. Lights and rounded hood which has been the hallmark of MINI demolished and replaced with a muzzle bow of the ship. This design will facilitate Yachtsman bypass watery terrain.

Regarding space in the cabin, you do not have to worry seeped as two passenger cars are anti-seeped. MINI provides a selection of unique animal horn sound like sea lions, Whales, dolphins, gulls to ducks.

Yachtsman armed with 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbocharged engine capable of producing 181 hp power. The ability of the car is quite amazing, 0-100 kph acceleration time of testing on asphalt clocked 6.6 seconds. Meanwhile, when the water is only 2.4 seconds. This amphibious car capable of walking on the water with the speed of 61 knots.

This car is marketed as a model in April 2013. As information, the car was developed and tested extensively on the River Isis located near MINI plant in Oxford, England.

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