So Will Sales of new iPad Apple's best

So Will Sales of new iPad Apple's best CALIFORNIA - Despite the high expectations expected in the new iPad is not much be true, but predicted tablet This will be the new Apple's best selling throughout its history.

Experts believe the new device, which was expected to be called the iPad HD and carries a high resolution display features, can sell more than the iPhone, which has sold more than 100 million handsets.

"This is the key to product launch Apple, "said Luke Peters, editor of the magazine T3 from the UK's leading technologies, such as told This Is London, Friday (03/09/2012).

"A high-resolution screen will deliver new and exciting dimension for business applications Apple is profitable, while update the memory and the camera will appeal to those who have put off buying an iPad until now. It could be a product Apple's best-selling to date, "he added.

According to the data, the company was not selling iPad is less than 40.5 million during the calendar in 2011, which pushed revenues Apple almost $ 25 billion.

"I think, with a new product, it's about explain what you do and what it about, "he said. So Will Sales of new iPad Apple's best