Electric Sports Car Dahlan Iskan

Electric Sports Car Dahlan Iskan. SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan currently initiated the birth of an electric-powered sports car. Investigate a calibaration, this car was offered at a price of between $ 472.4 million to USD 755.9 million. Pretty cheap for an electric sports car.

The first known automobile was developed by a company based in Michigan, United States named Elektrikcar. This possibility is where the designer of an electric sports car Dahlan Iskan, Danet is a graduate of ITS live.

Because after graduating from the ITS, Danet known again in Michigan schools. Then, he worked 10 years at the famous American car company, Chrysler.

"Prototype early and limited edition vehicles, Tucuxi, will be sold or auctioned to selected individuals. Car's purchase price for the limited edition will be approximately U.S. $ 50000-80000 per vehicle," wrote the company's official website Elektrikcar. But the possibility that price to the price in 2008 alone. Electric Sports Car Dahlan Iskan.

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