The greatness of the BMW 3 Series

The greatness of the BMW 3 Series
Anyone who doubts the greatness of their BMW in every variant. Moreover, the 3 Series, the sports car that became one of BMW's best-selling variant in Indonesia.

And incomplete if it does not feel the new power at the latest 3 Series BMW 335i.

So when detikOto offered a test drive BMW 335i with the Jakarta-Bandung route, we just menyanggupinya.

What kind of greatness of this car? Let's look together.
Exterior view

Not only show elegance, Series 3 are directly shipped from Germany is also present robustness by having a longer body than the previous generation.

Luxury is clearly visible on the front grille which is right below the BMW emblem.

Assertive form is also very clearly visible on the display that is now more tapered headlamp. Fierce impression was also seen with placement of the right frame in chrome fog lamp.

Rear view of the body which is given is not less interesting, headlamp rear look wider which adds to the impression of stout. Aerodynamic section also looks at the body on either side.

Interior ambience

Widespread feeling of space and it's the first time was when it opened the door BMW 3 Series. This impression is felt in the front cabin and rear seat passengers.

Comfort can also be seen in the cockpit steering, where the body position and hand position behind the steering wheel can be adjusted according to driver comfort.

The impression given is also convenient in the vehicle body cooling. Where AC can be set on each side and not just in one central control.

Part indicators are presented between the speedometer and taco meter panel, upper-class luxury feel.

Each rider can easily find out how long the car will arrive to the place of destination follow the navigation commands. Furthermore, the rider can also see the direction to take the rider to reach the goal.

The panels are presented in the driver's also very easy to set intertainment set to music. Do not stop there, the driver can also be ordered BMW-3 series is to run the music or to make phone calls or receive calls.

The next start-stop engine, four modes plus Sport, Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro. And Lim who are on the steering wheel that serves to stabilize the vehicle speed becomes a standard feature on the BMW 3 Series body.
The greatness of the BMW 3 Series

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