Bulletproof car from Hyundai

For some, a bulletproof car is the right choice for their safety on the road. Various brands also issued a bulletproof car version. No exception Hyundai now has a bulletproof car.

Bulletproof-owned Hyundai cars are shown at the Moscow Motor Show which is being held. This car is an armored version of their luxury sedan, Hyundai Equus.

Developed in conjunction with the German company Stoof International, a variant Equus Limousine Security has not light weight, reaching 3840 kg for heavy armor on his body.

In addition to body armor, this car also has a large battery with a reinforced door hinges, hydraulic windows, intercom system and fuel tank are protected. The presence of these features are considered important when the car was bombarded by bullets.

In addition to this, the car panel is 'overlap' is said Hyundai aan provide protection from a bullet that might creep into the cabin.

Equus armored shells are also designed to fully protect car interiors from ballistic penetration from any angle. They also emphasize that this car has to reach the target level of protection required VR7 armored car. This is the highest level of protection at the level of a bulletproof car.

To spur the kitchen, the heart of the Hyundai Equus reinforced by the 5.0-liter V8 engine with 429 bhp power.

With that much power, the car is expected to be able to run fast especially when ambushed by the enemy. Bulletproof car from Hyundai.

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