World oldest Morris Minor

World's oldest Morris Minor. after being nearly one century on asphalt roads, cars Morris Minor is the oldest in the world. He's now reached 85 years since its inception in Oxford, England in 1928 ago.

British car whose name is legendary is now owned by Jock MacKay. Believe it or not, this car he bought in 1973 at a very cheap price, 270 pounds.

Morris Minor History of the oldest in the world capable of running up to topspeed of 64 km / h is quite perfect. For since first birth only owned this car by 3 owners only.

MacKay told me that in 35 years of ownership, the car was never silent for almost 10 years in an attempt to perform a total restoration to make it like new.

"This car and I have adventures together. Whenever I drive a Morris Minor on the street, there's always a smile on people's faces," MacKay said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

But because he was already reached 72 years was not going to sell it to people for cars, but will donate it to the museum.

"It was the greatest trip journey 1,200 miles (1,931 km) from John O 'Groats to Land End. It was a trip that took a total of 12 days, after which the body was stiff and had a hot shower," she said.

This car has a four-seater with a 847 cc engine thrust that can take unleaded petrol but do not have a modern suspension.

"When I found this car, he has been in storage for many years and local children use it as a toy. Karat was terrible. Destroyed the front wing, headlight shattered and broken all the instruments," he says.

Since then, he immediately did restoration for many years. Due to the condition it also makes owners willing to sell at only 270 pounds.

After finishing the restoration, MacKay then track who the first owner of the car and eventually found the owner in 1983 named Elizabeth Fraser. A former teacher was 94 years old at the time.

He then showed the results of car restoration and Fraser are very excited because this is his old car he used for 10 years.

"Miss Fraser bought a car in Inverness in 1928, but he found a way at the moment it's too dangerous to drive. He just used to go to church on Sunday, so it's mostly in the garage during the first ten years of his life," said MacKay

"After my death I will donate to the museum. I hope it will bring joy to the lives of others someday," World's oldest Morris Minor.

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