New Nissan GT-R

Hiroshima, Nissan GT-R second generation finally getting the green light for production. But the schedule is a little backwards. GT-R was the new model will slide in 2015, but because the designer illness, was forced to retreat 3 years.

Reported by Inside Line, this information appears at Inside Line mengunjungui Nissan's research and development headquarters in Japan.

Nissan chief designer Kazutoshi Mizuno ie, long absent due to health problems.

Now he had recovered and was determined to complete the development of the GT-R a second.

Most likely the GT-R will use hybrid technology, because the GT-R supercar will face the Acura NSX Honda petrol engine that carries electrical and he can circle the Nurburgring faster than Godzilla or the GT-R.

Before that happens, Nissan will do a little upgrade on the GT-R at the end of next year. This is necessary for the GT-R does not struggled with the latest generation Porsche 911 Turbo.

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